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"Darren came to us several months ago and straight away it was clear he understood our business model, values and vision. Darren has worked well with the team, he has integrated brilliantly and gained respect from every member of staff. The business units that Darren has worked on have grown and gone from strength to strength because of Darren’s understanding, hard work, eye for detail and customer first approach. Working with Darren is a real pleasure and I look forward to continuing working with him.”

Dean Titterton, CEO @ YMCA North Tyneside

"My coaching sessions with Darren allowed me to navigate a difficult period with clarity and structure. I was able to re-connect with my personal values, reflect on my skills and effectively manage a career change. I found Darren’s coaching style to be gentle and encouraging, and this enabled my self-esteem to gradually return. He supported me to produce a realistic and achievable plan for my professional and personal future, and equipped me with effective tools to take away, allowing me to move forwards with positivity and confidence.”

KJ, 2019 – Coaching

“I would not hesitate in recommending Darren for any Commercial role. Darren took over the position of Head of Commercial on a consulting basis in December 2017 and made an immediate impact. He is not only superbly equipped with the technical and strategic commercial knowledge to drive a business forward, but has the leadership attributes that allows him to take others with him on the journey. Through Darren’s input we have been able to resolve some of the challenges facing The Garden but also identify opportunities to grow an improve. Darren's expertise is an asset to The Garden and I expect that we will continue to achieve even greater success with his input into the future.”

Mark Brassell, CEO @ Alnwick Garden

“Darren provided me with coaching in early 2019. It came at a perfect time when I was back from maternity leave and considering how I balance my career and ambition with a new family. Darren has an almost magical skill for helping you to see through the challenges and barriers you face to decide what really matters to you. He listens and coaches in such a way that makes every session enjoyable and feel worth the time your taking out of your busy day to do it. Every step of the way Darren showed belief and kindness in his coaching. The exercises he guided me through allowed me to create a plan of action that felt exactly right for where I was in my career and what I wanted to achieve. The exercises were simple, understandable and have become tools I can use both now and in the future to drive change I want in my career and personal life. Darren has given me the confidence and conviction to make the changes needed. So a massive thank you Darren and I would absolutely recommend you to anyone looking to make positive difference in their career and life! .”

KK, 2019- Mentoring

“In my opinion, the best consultants are the one's who are not only skilled, knowledgeable and have sound business accumen. They are the one's, like Darren, that are passionate, willing to go the extra mile and can actually deliver on their ideas. Darren has made a tremendous difference to our work at YMCA: helping us to understand our customers and our business and recommending achievable changes that will drive incremental income. Crucially however, Darren has the skills to deliver - as he has an excellent operational skill set and a wealth of experience in both project and people management.”

Steve Pugh, DO @ YMCA North Tyneside

“Darren was my mentor for a little over 18 months whilst I completed the Greggs Corporate Graduate scheme. During this time Darren successfully aided my professional development including but not exhausted to the understanding of basic professional competencies, developing strategic methods of working and general professional readiness in order for me to move into a professional role. I have thoroughly benefited and enjoyed my time working with Darren we have formed an incredibly strong professional relationship which has facilitated honest conversation, detailed feedback and extremely beneficial short to medium term planning. I have secured a full-time managerial position and feel that the work I have completed with Darren as my mentor has enabled me to do this. The current graduate market is extremely competitive, working with Darren has placed me above and beyond where I could have originally seen myself from a professional perspective at the commencement of my placement at Greggs plc. I shall always be grateful for the work Darren and I have completed during his time as my mentor."

WB, 2018 – Mentoring

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