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As a long-term mentor with SSAFA The Armed Forces Charity and as a coach I’ve seen first- hand the positive impact that mentoring and coaching can have on an individual. It helps them in so many ways, someone to listen, someone to hold a mirror to where they are, help them identify ways for… help them see the wood from the trees.

Interestingly, throughout my career I’ve rarely been mentored of coached myself. I decided late in 2018 that I’d approach a local coach with a great reputation to help me with some career coaching.

Through a combination of coaching sessions, self-reflection, and exercises I now have a much better idea of what makes me tick, what works for me and what doesn’t.

This has helped me in numerous ways. It helped me shape the website, helped me understand the type of clients I want to work with and the work that I want to undertake (and avoid) in the future.

Funnily enough a couple of months later someone said to me “what sort of work do you like doing?”. Before my coaching there may have been a pause whilst I gave that answer some thought, but now I’m able to state with some certainty ”not only can I tell you what I enjoy, I can tell you what I’m good at, and actually I can also tell you what I don’t enjoy” – he was impressed – and I felt empowered!

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