About Me

I thrive on helping others break through the barriers that are preventing them from achieving their life goals

I’m Darren Mayne

As a highly experienced commercial manager, I have a provent track record in terms of personal, professional and business success.

I have worked in sales, marketing and change management roles with prestigious businesses and organisations which have provided me with a wealth of knowledge of customers, consumers, manufacturing processes, and the UK retail trade.

Recent clients have included The Alnwick Garden (as Head of Commercial), YMCA North Tyneside (Business Development) and Keytree (Retail Consultancy).
Positive endorsements include the ones below from the CEO of The Alnwick Garden and the CEO of YMCA North Tyneside.

Years experience

Projects Delivered

Years Sector Experience

Cups of Coffee

“I enjoy meeting new colleagues, and by working alongside them, many become good friends. I thrive on getting on with people, respecting them – and challenging them to be the best they can be.”

My Skills and Approach

My approach to the consultancy and coaching journeys are similar in structure, they are simple, collaborative, and tailored to the individual set of needs for the organisation or the individual to deliver success.

I work with all sizes of organisations, from large commercial businesses to family run companies, as well as individuals.

I believe in leading by example, and so as part of my own development, I have  been working with a career coach.

After several exercises and coaching sessions, we have identified my core skills, as identified on the graphic.

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